Unique, efficient,
Relaunch Packaging

Design of a high quality kitchen helper for every day. With an emotional photography style, a clear identity that runs through the entire assortment and optimal consumer orientation. In the shelf as well as in the kitchen drawer. Focused on the essentials: Who am I, what can I do and what am I needed for. A radical new development with success: sales whent up by 30% at key accounts, by 29% per market and week.

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Relaunch Packaging

This relaunches main focus for the target group: brand recognition (more specifically - logo - and implicitly - brand framework). Identify and buy the product, while maintaining the respective merchandise groups specific signals. Key driver: color, product name and content flag. Additionally; reason to believe icon in context with product application. This speeds up the shelf orientation.

Unique Imagery

Creation of a unique imagery for all products in the Toppits portfolio. How to show mainly transparent products as clearly and boldly as possible. And highlight the product designation and the reason to believe. The approach started with scribbles and layout shootings and was finalized with a photo shooting. Then, after elaborate picture editing the design successfully made it’s way into the supermarket shelves.

Reason to believe

Naming for the reason to believe features. Who am I, what can I do, what am I needed for and why am I especially good at that? The RtB (reason to believe), combined with a visual answers these questions and tells the consumer what it is good for. And how it is significantly different from the competitors. And makes for a strong brand.

Picture Editing Clear and Simple

In order to promote the complex and unique imagery combined with transparent Toppits productsand fresh food, precision and expertise was needed: adapting minimal over- or underexposure, subtle yet distinguished tonal correction, reduction of minimal reflections, adaptation of contrasts, dramatic mirror images if needed. Brand work in every detail. Ice cold or fiery hot.

Final Artwork Masters

In order to successfully roll out an international relaunch in 16 countries with 17 product categories, an efficient and highly professional production supervision is needed for every step. Our in house final artwork team was in charge of this and was constantly in close contact with the client, litho, printer and producer. Number of final artworks: 77 master artworks, 160 variants, 23 adaptations. Impressive.


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