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Launch Rhäzünser Craft Lemonade

Requirement: Establishment of a new plattform called „Craft Lemonade“ for the brand Rhäzünser next to existing non-alcoholic refreshmentsl (mineralwater, lemonade, etc.)

Implementation: Classic craft cues on the primary container such as naturalness presented by using illustrative fruit, playful typography and a clear label look. The secondary container shows a modern set up and presents a resealable glas, lots of fruit and freshness. Craft is clearly in the foreground, while the brand stays discreetly in the background

Success: A clearly recognizable premium signal and a category upgrade without using the full brand power. Thats how credible craft design is done. 

Rmd rhaezuenser craft lemonade 01
Relaunch RHÄZÜNSER Plus

Requirements: Shift Rhäzünser Plus perception into a more modern world, that stands for natural great taste and freshness. Support Rhäzünser brand architecture and make Plus an impactful platform.

Excecution: Light, healthy and active colours, strong Plus-lettering, that stands out from the brand, implicit Plus-imagery that supports benefit and recognition, fruit staging near water. Exactly.

Success: A shopper-relevant product, that is differentiating and impactful. Within the range, on shelf and in consumers mindset.

Rmd rhaezuenser plus after Rmd rhaezuenser plus before
Rmd rhaezuenser plus 01
Rmd rhaezuenser plus 03
Rmd rhaezuenser plus 04
Rmd rhaezuenser plus 02
Launch Rhäzünser Juicy

The new "Rhäzünser Juicy" with sparkling Rhäzünser mineralwater and 8,5% natural fruit juice convinces with its delicious fruity and at the same time light and refreshing apple and rhubarb taste. Without sweetening and suitable for every occasion.



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