Successful nationally and internationally since 1975.

Founded in 1975 by Horst Ropelius, our agency Ropelius. Branding and Design is one of today's leading, privately-owned think tanks for design, in Germany. With a spirited team of 27, we develop unique design solutions, and support our clients to successfully implement domestic and international consumer goods products. Plus, to give user satisfaction to existing consumers out there.


The true success of a brand is determined by the combination of emotive creativity and strategic market insight.


In good company.

Almased - nutrition
Ascendis Health
Bahlsen - confectionery
Bayer Vital - pharmaceuticals
Carlsberg - beers, ciders, soft drinks, bottled water
Cofresco - household kitchen consumables
Continental Foods - FMCG foodstuffs
Dannemann - cigars

DMK Deutsches Milchkontor - dairy products
 - FMCG rice producer
Franken Brunnen - bottled water
Gutfried - cold meats
Heel - pharmaceuticals
Kühne - prepared foodstuffs
Mondelez - chocolate and confectionery
Newlat - wheat and dairy-based foodstuffs

Peter Kölln - foodstuffs, namely oat-based
R&R Ice Cream
Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company
Schwarze und Schlichte - liquors
Schweppes - soft drinks
- coffe, foodstuffs, and household consumables
Toms Group - confectionery
Unilever International - FMCG brands


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