Refresh yourself,
do good.

The well-balanced overall composition of elements leads to a fresh design. Adding value to the new territory of social brands, a clearly perceivable message.

A decent colour scheme, that underlines the naturalness. The neck label explains, how shoppers automatically do good.
The logo used as an impactful entry point, offering a sensual message; ‘’Oh Honey, it’s ginger and mint."
The informative elements implicitly quote the beehive-shape. Anything else? Yes, give it a try!

Branding und Logo-Design

OhHoney, look, a refreshing social brand! As one can see, impact via logo is key. The typeface is bold, self-confident but also natural. At the core of it all; the beehive. The place, where all of the goodness happens.

The branding demonstrates proper shopper understanding. Simple, bold, natural and appealing.

RMD Web Oh Honey Collection 1
RMD Web Oh Honey Footer 1


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