Passion for beer straight
from the heart of the Valais
Brand AND Packaging Relaunch

Beer passion from the heart of the Swiss Canton of Valais. Valaisanne, a small, superior brand from the town of Sion. We‘ve transferred a proud regional history to a modern brand layout, and instilled it on far more than just the label. Gueten Abee.

Brand AND Packaging Relaunch

This new design is clear, pleasant, and striking. Also, authentic, with more brand relevance. The design elements arranged generously and airily - like the mountains and valleys of Valais. In focus: the summit
of taste. Framed by logos and varietal details, arranged with characteristic beer elements.

In-house illustration

From hand-drawn illustrations, to an extensive demographics-assessment, to the refining of
vectors for later implementation: All mastered
in-house. All congruent and consistent in the
course of implementation.

FINAL ARTWORK and Production

The design here is not just a visual peak, it also is in the implementation thereof. With holistic care from the very first sketch, through the final artwork process and right up until production. A pragmatic colour construction process was able to reduce costs. That‘s an intelligent brand development.



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