Be a BeeBuddy
Heimatöl Launch

With the launch of Heimatöl, the category finally offers, what shoppers desperately are looking for. An honest, sustainable and lighthearted design that overall speaks one clear language. With a logo, that is simple and perfectly imperfect, as well with the choosen typeface, colour and shape, that talks to the fans. Just a quick reassurance, that you’re right there, where you belong. In combination with an overall, charming look, natural and friendly colours, that tell an easily comprehensible story. And when you think, it can’t get any better, you get the opportunity, to become a BeeBuddy. Ain’t that wonderful?

RMD Heimatoel Collection 2
The Logo

Millenial-fit. A combination of heritage and product-specifica. Perfectly imperfect. Everything but industrial. Chosen colour and typeface talk to the shopper.

RMD Heimatoel Bottom 2


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