unique, true.

Relaunch – and emotional recharge – of chocolat brand Hachez. Task: sharpen the manufactory positioning („from bean to bar“ consolidated). Side by side with strategic brandwork (brandkey, claiming) and pos-activation (dsiplays) the packaging design at the heart of it: a new logo, individual emotional product staging, product information consolidated in a certificate (visualization of manufactory), approved with the signature of Josef Emile Hachez. Now that’s chocolate the exclusive way.

Relaunch Structur

Indispensable for a unique brand: clear structures that give orientation to the consumer. Define, position and analyze the brand.  Finding just the right balance between brand, platform and product. And then: staging the manufactory theme in an appropriate way. Hachez - from bean to bar. Clearly. 


The Hachez-logo en detail: a strong. straight and yet subtle typography with golden accessories, the modernized coat of arms, the lions easily decodable, the claim underlines the brand image. And the positioning.

Relaunch Concept

The inspiration of the Hachez relaunch came from within the brand. The original forms, documenting the origin of the cacao beans were the initiator for our „certificate“. As a basis for product information and a mirror of the new brand key. Carefully selected premium cacaos masterly refined.

New Illustration Style

The illustrations for the entire range were made in
house and support the orientation of the new Hachez brand. Detailed, joyful, with soft colors and yet
valuable and elegant. An stimulating counterpart to
the overall pure appearance.

Point of sale display

Black, strong, impactful. The displays generate the base for the new Hachez PoS strategy. And a perfect frame for the newly designed range. A maximum of contrast.



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