lovely Easter
Relaunch Easter Range

Feodora‘s charming easter range is attractive in terms of color, feminine and builds a bridge to the core range through details. Less „bows“, fresher and more premium. The lovingly, strongly characterized in-house illustrations round off the over all impression in an entertaining way. Not just for women that know what they want

Relaunch Easter Range

Imbedded  in the easter relaunch: Redesigning one of the most important members of the assortment, the spring chocolates. For decorating, garnishing and to give away. More spring than just easter but just as appealing. Numerous motifs give the chocolates a nonchalant, breezy and lovely look. For every day, especially easter.


A strong, active and feminin brand such as Fedora needs professional support from start to finish. That is why it goes without saying that the in house generation of mastered final artworks, the picture editing and the transfer of the designs onto the portfolio were a major component of the Feodora relaunch. A special focus lies in the different printing techniques that result from variating materials. 



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