Sensual refinement
in every detail

A contemporary brand communicates openly and clearly: In addition to the standard range, different platforms and products with special character are integrated, like for example, the premium chocolate, Grand'Or. Distinctly recognizable on its own, though indeed Feodora. The rank of a Princess, for every occasion.

Relaunch Structur

Revision of one of the tradition-rich chocolate brands - Feodora. Goal: Bring the Princess into the present. The first step: Provide the basics like BrandKey and naming. Thereafter, the implementation thereof in a fine, fantastical brand image in connection with a sensual inclusion of the product. The finishing is always in the details: Logo, coat of arms, and decorative elements. Welcome to the now, Princess Feodora.


During the course of the relaunch, we covered a core branding component: The creation of a new logo which maintains the original's character. The Princess' logo was refined, and enriched with appropriate accessories:
A coronet, referencing the royal origin, and a heart for the best of friends. Like me. Or you.

Point of sale display

The new Feodora needed bold staging at the point of sale. Recognizable, distinguishable, pronounced. The new displays in sensual-silky aubergine make the perfect passe-partout for the entire range. Feodora is presented here in an unseen, flattering accent.



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