Grapefruit Cosmopolitan
Inspired by
New York original.
Rmd eve limited edition 2019 01
Launch Grapefruit Cosmopolitain

Requirement: Launch of a limited edition for Eve with a clear reference to New York. Nothing easier than that!

Implementation: A quick and easy identification of New York's well known icons, such as Lady Liberty and the skyline. Contextualization with Eve‘s product branding. Fresh! That's how good promotion works.

Success: When fruit meets the city that never sleeps the only result can be a Cosmopolitan. A grapefruit Cosmopolitan. Big brand, big city, big taste. You should better postpone your sleep.

Launch New York Promotion

Anforderung: Integration des über Grapefruit Cosmopolitain etbalierten New York-Appeals auf den Rest des Sortimentes. Als Gewinnspiel. Ohne Fleiß kein Preis.

Umsetzung: Stark kontrastierende Gewinnspiel-Mechanik. Schnelle Erfassbarkeit, Kontrast und Impact.

Erfolg: Ob die Lichter wirklich so hell sind, on broadway, und ob es wirklich magisch ist, on broadway, weisst Du nur, wenn Du gewonnen hast. Viel Glück.

Rmd eve limited edition 2019 05
Launch Line Extender Litchi Can 50cl

Requirements: Application of Eve's Litchi visual onto the 50cl can launched for the female target group.

Implementation: Adaption of the label's core elements onto the can's specifics. Usage of the material's radiant power in combination with the strong brand presence. 

Success: Strong taste in a strong container. The can isn't called the strongest container in Switzerland without reason. Who could resist.



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