with mermaid
Illustration and Relaunch Packaging

Requirements: Relaunch Astra Alsterwasser (shandy) with new liquid for a more natural appeal. And a clear focus on Astra brand world.

Execution: Astra belongs to the river elbe and alster waterside. And to the Kiez (Hamburg entertainment quarter), home of pirates, sharks and mermaids. As one can see.

A full one. In general. And in detail: the mermaid turns out to be the product hero, not only on pack, also above and below the line.

Rmd astra kiezmische 01
Rmd astra kiezmische 03 1123x723
Packaging Relaunch

The Astra sixpack has been tuned. More room for posing, more Astra, more brand and more stand out on shelf. With clear visual signals, optimal hierarchy of information and the „Reeperbahn“ heritage. The new man-bag. Now that’s rocket science!

RMD Astra Microbrauerei 1


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