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Its been a long time since our passion for beer started. And that did not change. As a matter of consequence, we have created our own beer. The Ropelius. Session IPA.

It all started with the Bunthaus Brewery, with Jens & Jens. We did their brand- and packaging-design. They liked it very much. Same applies to us, by the way. Therefor, they brew a beer for us. Which we liked even more.

Rmd session ipa 01

And because it’s our beer, we could do exactly what we wanted. The result: fantastic. A very special beer, less crafty but more premium and special in every detail. A champagne bottle, no label-look, the design focuses on the wonderful product. Descriptive, not overwhelming. Reduced and highly impressing, great typefaces. Made by hand. Same as the wax on the neck. Dipped by hand. And last but not least our brand-flag as neck-label. And for the personal address. Of our friends, clients and partners. Sometimes all in one. According to rumours, they liked it very

No wonder, because a Session IPA is an India Pale Ale, that contains less alcohol than a normal IPA. After having enjoyed a Session Beer, workers could easily continue their shift work, their session, hence the name of it. While there is less alcohol, we got fancywith very special hops: Galaxy, Mosaic and Simcoe.

Usually, this the right time for a toast. Not today. We are out of stock. Sad, but true. Nothing more to say, but: thanks to Markus Heumann for the great photos.

Rmd session ipa 02
Rmd session ipa 04
Rmd session ipa 03


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